Article by Mitz of SunnySmiles:
In my district, the community worked hard to rebuild our community center, called the Honjuku Jichikaikan. It is a cute little, bright, yellow house where community members can gather for non-profit activities. I rediscovered this house after finding that the community house was open again (during COVID) for small gatherings.


One of our hopes as Sunny Smiles is to spread smiles through music. What we don’t yet have in skill, we hope to offer in good vibes and warmth to everyone in our circle of friends.

It was for one of these reasons that we went to reserve a space to play a mini concert for Miho’s dear friend, Mrs. T who had just had her 89th birthday in May.
We found a good day and as we were leaving, Mr. K, one of the volunteers offered us coffee. Miho, being Miho said, “We’d love to!” instantly and went back in with a huge grin.  So  we spend the morning chatting pleasantly with good instant coffee and a snack that magically appeared from Mr. K’s bag. 


Here is Miho posing with one of the decorative paper lanterns in the main room and then with Mr. O. who comes here with 8 other volunteers to keep this beautiful community house up and running.
自治会のお祭り用の提灯でポーズしているMihoです。隣でお仕事中の O さんともポーズ。すぐ友達ができちゃう彼女です。完全ボランティアの8人体制で自治会館の運営を可能にしているんです。
Here is Mr. K.  hand-sewing the nets that our district uses to cover over garbage to keep the oh-so-clever crows away. I didn’t know that the local community did stuff like this as well!
How much do we really know about “who does what” to make our lives easier!



Thank you, thank you! to the community volunteers who move in the shadows without proper recognition for their services!