Are we professionals? Nope.
Do we have degrees in music?  Nope.
Do we get paid? Nope!
Do we practice incessantly until the weee hours of the night?! Nope!!
(Please bless us, since we are both in our 50’s!)



Should we be posting our performances soooo boldly?!   Uhhh. Why not?!


We always joke to ourselves during practices that we are soooo talented and wonderful. And yet, we know that we cannot possibly stand up against any professional musician out there!


And yet here we are, “ta-DAaa!” ing our music to the world wide web! Ha, ha!
We may not be up to par with the super-duper talented, but still, we would like to show people how fun it is to have FUN with what we love to do… even IF it is not yet how we really want to be… the process of it is so…. sensational, isn’t it?



Believe me! We take a huge gulp before sharing our music online. If you like it, then GREAT! If not, then you have the power to … switch channels… so Yay!



So without further ado… Here is one performance that we are particularly happy with… our original arrangement of Moon River. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed playing around with the ways to play it!