Thank you to our friends, Gallery Kinomi customers and beautiful artists who came to make our performance so enjoyable! Ritz Yamashina, for welcoming us and allowing us to share our music midst his incredible works of art; Shinobu Ohno for sharing her beautiful voice and romantic samba sounds, and LECO, our hula teacher who came to mesmerize us with her beautiful Hawaiian hula dancing. 



Our musician friend (and Sunnysmiles Miho’s music mentor) Shinobu Ohno came not onlu to support us and our music, but also belss us with her own romantic Sama/ Bossa Nova sounds. An experience performer, her commnad of the mic with her deep, beautiful voice was amaizing and blew everyone listening away! 


Miho and I have been learning hula bit by bit at the park for about a year now. Called HulaReiki, it is a casually session that combines the power of energy and the beauty of dance to get in touch with our bodies under the blue skies. Leco’s bright, gentle presence through her beautiful dancing added a new dimension to our playing! It was quite magical for us, and i could sense the audience being so mesmerized by her dance! 


Here are some videos of that day’s event!
( We are unfortunately only able to post portions of the hula performances for copyright reasons.)


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June 16-27th 2022 (21,22 Closed) 


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