One of the scariest things for me since starting in the music world is to post videos. It’s like standing naked in front of people, showing all of our lumps and cross-eyed ugliness!

Miho and I joke privately that we are brilliant and sound great! … relatively, of course.
We are better than we were 3 years ago, and it IS easier to learn new songs! All good! But that does not mean we don’t cringe and duck our head timidly when we see our videos.

The good news is… I think we are growing because it’s getting easier and easier to laugh at ourselves! It is much easier than putting pressure on ourselves to “not screw up.”  So here, we post our videos to show how we are proud and happy with how we are spending our time! So many in the audience were delighted and seem to genuinely have a nice time. That is really important to us!

音楽の世界に入ってからびびるのいは、ビデオをポストすること。 みんなの前に裸で立って、みにくい、あちこちの凸凹をみられてるようですね。



We had been sitting on this particular arrangement of “Stand By Me” for over a year! We finally decided on an arrangement that we could have fun playing!


Here is Shinobu Ohno with her medley of Songs. Can you feel the calm of the audience? How her presence feels so soothhing and relaxing? Her singing is healing. We are transported to another world with her beautiful performance!


Being raised in Hawaii, many of my friends in Japan tell me that I should be really good at Hawaiian music. Uhhhh…. no. I think I am most afraid of Hawaiian music because I know how it is ‘supposed’ to sound like! Who are we  to try and mimic music that speaks to spirits and gods?!

But as we find ourselves enjoying singing Hawaiian more and more, we’re hoping that our genuine love of the music and lyrics will help us get closer to the heart of these voices.



白色は恋人の色・Shiroiro wa Koibito no Iro

Our first “all-Japanese” song as SunnySmiles (believe it or not! ha, ha!)


The song that encourages the lone blackbird can fly and sing despite its struggles. This reminds me of so many people who are ready to sing and soar in spite of  and often beCAUSE of their obstacles. A tribute to all who strive to live to the fullest.

The Rose/ ザ・ローズ

Ritz Yamashina, the artist of this exhibition, loves this song! This is one of our first arrangements!

Wahine 'Ilikea/ ワヒネ・イィケア

After participating in an online workshop with amazing artists from Hawaii, I fell in love with this song and convinced Miho that we had to try another Hawaiian song! This is the results of our experiments … raindrops with a kalimba and sounds of the ocean with paper plates and beads! LECO was gracious enough to make adjustments to our arrangement with a beautifully arranged dance of her own.

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