Article by Mitz of SunnySmiles:
We had so much fun with our little LIVE event at Gallery KINOMI in Chigasaki!

Thank you artist, Ritz Yamashina for inviting us to his art exhibition to play!
In late September in 2021, we are still in the middle of a pandemic….the cases of corona (in Tokyo, Kanagawa) are finally STARTING to go down (with more and more people getting vaccinated… I’m assuming!) but the number is still high enough that we decided not to “advertise” or invite our friends. We decided to play IF there were people hanging out at the end of the day.

After the clock struck 5 (when the cafe was scheduled to close) we quickly set up our chairs for a quick performance!
Here is a video of our newest arrangements of the Hawaiian favorite, “Wahine ‘Ilikea” and the jazz classic “All of Me”. 



“Wahine ‘Ilikea” arrangement by SunnySmiles

“All of Me” arrangement by SunnySmiles

Ritz Yamashina is a Chigasaki-based Artist whose passion it is to travel around the world and capture inspirational images with with his paintbrush. His exhibition will be on display until Monday, September 27, 2021! It is a great place to take a walk in nature in the hills of Chigasaki near Satoyama Park.
Please stop by to have a cup of coffee or some delicious dessert!

地元茅ヶ崎のアーティスト、山科 律( RITZ)さんの展覧会はギャラリー木の実で9月27日まで続きます。是非お立ち寄りください!

Do you want to see the paintings in-person?

September 16th – September 27th, 2021


Gallery Kinomi


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